Backbone map

I've always liked to see what the Internet looks like and preferably in a nice geographical map form. I've been pondering how to accomplish this and especially why no one else has. Lately my interest for this has increased to the level that I've decided to try and do something about it.

so, when looking around for previous works in this field I found Google beat me to it. Hehe, seriously though, there are some other projects out there, like the CAIDA map and so forth, but none that look what I want.

I want a simple map, preferably projected over Google Maps, that will show what cities a network has presence. Where they peer and with what capacity. And their internal capacity between routers.

The idea was to base this on DNS and traceroute information, the latter for which I found what seems to be an excellent source. Let's see how it goes.. an update should follow :)