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Spotify for Linux

Guess it has escaped few by now, but for those it has.. here is: http://www.spotify.com/int/blog/archives/2010/07/12/linux/
What can I say? Finally! Do enjoy :)

The Android Market

When you get a new smart phone, one of the very first tasks easily becomes to find some decent software to run on it to serve your everyday needs. Quite naturally I turned to the Android Market for this and ever since, I have been perplexed by the poor search functionality of said Market.

test test test

This is posted using my new and shiny Google nexus one! Let see if it works! :-D

iPhone4 vs HTC Evo

Bad start to my new blog, I don't want my blog to become some half ordered list of random URLs, BUT, this was just hilarious, especially given my own choice not-so-long-ago to purchase an Android device; http://www.break.com/index/iphone-4-vs-htc-evo.html


So I decided to start a blog. When first installing Drupal at labs.spritelink.net I imagined I would post some useful story every once in a while with some interesting techy nit bits for network and unix peeps out there, but I've come to realize that I set the bar a bit too high on what quality of the articles I would actually accept to post under my name. I now have over half a dozen half-written articles with content that is sure to interest someone but that is of too low quality to be posted as a story on this page.

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