BGP ASN - AS-PLAIN to AS-DOT (and AS-COLON) calculator and back

If you know what AS-DOT and what AS-PLAIN is, you know why you might want this calculator :) Oh and if you are a RedBack user, you'll be suffering from the abomination that is AS-COLON.

JUNOS commit scripts and apply-groups

As your network grows, you are bound to get more configuration in your routers and to keep that very configuration uniform and in sync with some form of design rules will become all more important to maintain the quality of your network. In line of doing so JUNOS provides some great tools; first of is the apply-groups in where you can build a basic template of some configuration and then apply it under sections of your configuration...

Spotify for Linux

Guess it has escaped few by now, but for those it has.. here is:
What can I say? Finally! Do enjoy :)

The Android Market

When you get a new smart phone, one of the very first tasks easily becomes to find some decent software to run on it to serve your everyday needs. Quite naturally I turned to the Android Market for this and ever since, I have been perplexed by the poor search functionality of said Market.

test test test

This is posted using my new and shiny Google nexus one! Let see if it works! :-D

iPhone4 vs HTC Evo

Bad start to my new blog, I don't want my blog to become some half ordered list of random URLs, BUT, this was just hilarious, especially given my own choice not-so-long-ago to purchase an Android device;


So I decided to start a blog. When first installing Drupal at I imagined I would post some useful story every once in a while with some interesting techy nit bits for network and unix peeps out there, but I've come to realize that I set the bar a bit too high on what quality of the articles I would actually accept to post under my name. I now have over half a dozen half-written articles with content that is sure to interest someone but that is of too low quality to be posted as a story on this page.

PyarrFS initial version released!

A first beta version of PyarrFS has been released, or well, at least made available via git. To save myself some work, here's merely a copy of the overview from the PyarrFS page:

Network Optics reference chart!

A quick and dirty reference chart to output power and receiver sensitivity on a plethora of different optics.

Includes commands on how to get optical transmit and receive powers on various routers and switches.

Regular expressions for networking

Here's a few regular expressions that could come in handy in your everyday networking life...

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