So I decided to start a blog. When first installing Drupal at labs.spritelink.net I imagined I would post some useful story every once in a while with some interesting techy nit bits for network and unix peeps out there, but I've come to realize that I set the bar a bit too high on what quality of the articles I would actually accept to post under my name. I now have over half a dozen half-written articles with content that is sure to interest someone but that is of too low quality to be posted as a story on this page. Maybe I'm just shy or afraid of what others might think of me if I post something that doesn't meet my own levels of expectations...

and so comes the blog, my blog. A blog. Just say the word - "blog". These days everyone have a blog - actually 73% of the people in the district I live in, in Stockholm is said to have a blog according to a newspaper article I read a few weeks ago. I doubt many of them are any good and I doubt many of them are about technology, Södermalm (name of the district) is (in)famous for all its "alternate" and very "culturally" active people. Walking home from work sometimes I'm amazed at the amount of people ^w^w^w^w^w^w^w^w^w^w^w^w
blah, whatever, back to the topic at hand. Technology - my blog will be about technology and hopefully I will be able to lower my own quality requirements and actually post stuff here once in a while. I've been thinking about starting a blog for some time and given that I got myself my first smart phone (Google Nexus One) not so long ago I have some stuff to backlog about.. hope you enjoy :)

PS. Oh, and this isn't my personal blog, so don't expect anything but technology related material here.. DS.