iPhone4 vs HTC Evo

Bad start to my new blog, I don't want my blog to become some half ordered list of random URLs, BUT, this was just hilarious, especially given my own choice not-so-long-ago to purchase an Android device; http://www.break.com/index/iphone-4-vs-htc-evo.html

And yes, I do think the iPhone4 is a great phone. Amazing hardware, good performance, pleasing design, mesmerizing display but I'm not quite the fan of Apples ideology. If I want to background my applications, I want to background my applications. If I want to look at flash, well, than I want to look at flash. Why won't apple let me? But let's not venture into that discussion now. I'm sure I will revisit it in a not-to-distant post as it's something I've been pondering for a few days now. Enjoy the URL! :)

Tack till Fred för URLen!