The Android Market

When you get a new smart phone, one of the very first tasks easily becomes to find some decent software to run on it to serve your everyday needs. Quite naturally I turned to the Android Market for this and ever since, I have been perplexed by the poor search functionality of said Market.

For example, searching for "to do" returns in a lot of applications for todo list management, but most are of rather poor quality, quite a lot are not even related to todo list management at all and scrolling through the first hundred apps or so Astrid is nowhere to be found. Astrid is one of the better todo apps out there and even one of the most popular apps in the market overall, nevertheless it is nowhere the top in my search.

Instead doing a Google search for "android todo app"( or similar - can't actually remember what I did search for) immediately reveals Astrid. Given Googles history and success in the general Internet search market its strange that they can't put together a decent search engine for their very own Android Market. I think this is currently one of the Android platforms biggest weaknesses. No OS is worth anything if you can't find decent applications to run on top of it. This is where Apple claim their supremacy on the smart phone market with the enormous amount of applications available through the app store. I don't believe that however, a large amount of apps isn't necessarily a good thing. I don't want ten different mail readers - I just want the best one! That could of course be a matter of personal opinion, but my point is that just having a large number of apps is not a good thing in itself, having good quality apps is! In Androids case the biggest problem is not the lack if good quality software but the ease of finding it. Let's hope things are improved in coming versions :-)