IOS XR error message when configuring service-policy on bundle interfaces

This is just to track the existence of these error messages as Google currently doesn't turn up anything of value...

The error messages in question are the following:

qos_ea[232]: %QOS-QOS-3-EA_IIR_ATTACH_FAILURE : Error encountered during QoS programming for bundle member X of bundle Bundle-EtherY, direction: egress, error: 'qos_ea' detected the 'fatal' condition 'Hw programming car entry failed'


%QOS-QOS-3-UNSUPPORTED_POLICER_RATE Unsupported policer value used in policymap : [dec] kbps. (It must be less than 16 Gbps)

This is apparently if you configure a policer with a policing value of more than 16Gbps attached to a single MSC. The PSE forwarding complex on the MSC is unable to achieve more than 16Gbps in one policer and so that is why the error message is triggered.

There are of course many scenarios in which you may encounter such a configuration. It's not uncommon to have general interface policers for certain classes based on a percentage value. While 75% might seem okay on a GE interface, it's a whole other story on a 4x10GE bundle.

The workaround is either to lower the policers value to 16Gbps or less or to spread out the bundle interfaces member over several MSCs, in case you are using bundle interfaces and not 40G.

Happy hacking!