Python and ISIS

Just had to write this entry, in hopes it will pop up on Google searches for Python and ISIS. For those of you that want to speak the routing protocol IS-IS with open source tools written in Python, it can be rather tricky finding things through Google as I have found out the hard way. Thankfully though, I stumled upon PyRT a few years ago. It's short for Python Routeing Toolkit and aims to provide a small suite of tools and libraries helping in diagnosing routeing information from IS-IS, OSPF and BGP. Developed at SprintLabs Advanced Technology Labs by Richard Mortier it's a bit rough around the edges and not very Pythonic. I bet Richard has a background in C ;)

Anyway, Richard seems to have a GitHub account to which he has uploaded PyRT.

I've started a fork of Richards PyRT. Thus far it only incorporates esthetic changes such as comments and formatting fixes but I hope to develop it further with time. My road map is along the lines of; make it a bit more pythonesque, improve usability, build RIB and possible Linux NETLINK FIB integration, be able to announce routes. Long term goal would be complete IS-IS implementation usable for routing. I do not hope to compete with Quagga (with Googles ISIS patches), but rather it's good practice for my dream project of writing an IS-IS implementation in Erlang which will eventually obliterate all competition ;)