How do you delete communities in RPL on IOS XR

In IOS you can easily sanitize communities on received BGP prefixes with the help of a route-map and a community-list, but how do you do such a thing on IOS XR? The tools provided seem a lot more coarse...

Sprint BGP communities

There are dozens of pages out there that list control communities provided by large carriers, but none that I found to explain Sprints informational communities...

BGP ASN - AS-PLAIN to AS-DOT (and AS-COLON) calculator and back

If you know what AS-DOT and what AS-PLAIN is, you know why you might want this calculator :) Oh and if you are a RedBack user, you'll be suffering from the abomination that is AS-COLON.

Regular expressions for networking

Here's a few regular expressions that could come in handy in your everyday networking life...

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